We Are Nexus

We are a video game company in Vancouver, British Columbia, founded by veterans in the gaming industry, and specializing in Mobile Games development. We believe that a great mobile game can connect millions of people anywhere, anytime, and inspire them to experience the world in new dimensions. This is our journey to bring ultimate entertainment into your hands.

Our Values

Players First

We design games with players first in mind, and we aim to create high quality, engaging experiences for all players.

Agile & Efficient

We keep a small team in order to move quickly from one idea to the next. This means our games stay ahead of the competition.


Games are a global phenomenon and Nexus Media believes in embracing that within the field of mobile games.

Nexus Media

Our Office

Our office is located in the bustling Marine Broadway centre in Vancouver. 

Free Grub

Every week the office hosts a free breakfast as well as a themed happy hour. From board game nights and tacos to mardi gras and cocktail lessons. There's always a new way to relax after work.


In addition to unlimited free coffee, tea, and beer we also provide an opt in gym membership.


1800 - 450 SW Marine Dr
Vancouver, BC, V5X 0C3


Email: info@nexusmedias.com

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